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Talking City’s 2019 in Review

What a year 2019 was for Talking City! We have seen so many new challenges and made some very big steps in our development, from a live show on SEN to live-streaming a preseason friendly! We have a few people who have made this possible from staff at the club through to new presenters and also everybody who tunes in!

This year we tried to be ambitious and open to new experiences and opportunities. The chance to completely run a live stream of a preseason game against the Bentleigh Greens was too good to pass up and in under 48 hours it went from idea to reality. This was thanks to some fantastic help from SportsCast Australia and additional support and facilitation from the club. Matt and Matty were able to completely host and commentate the game from start to finish. This was a huge success with Melbourne City FC and the Hyundai A-League cross-posting the stream and with over 25k tuning in.

This lead to some more ideas and some huge interest in our show which we were able to harness and use to our advantage. We brought in many new members which has allowed us to expand the content that we produce to include a written element and a website for City fans to use. A huge thank you to Josh for taking on the majority of the writing and doing such a professional job!

We have headed out to CFA Melbourne to record preseason interviews with both the A-League and W-League superstars and also worked with the club to create the all-new Tuesday SEN show that airs live between 7-8pm. This has been fantastic and has provided a whole new platform for us to showcase our show as well as our club.

It would be remiss of us to not mention one of our favourites and the transition that he is making. One of our founding members and podcast regulars, Angus, is moving to Sydney for his work and therefore his involvement will shift from being a podcast regular to our first Sydney correspondent.

We hope you have enjoyed our show for 2019 and we can't wait to continue growing and working with you all to make our show better and more entertaining again in 2020! Hope you will join us for the journey.

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