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A quick look at our new kits and how the fans reacted!

Puma’s been teasing our new kits for 2019/20 all week, and the club even managed to leak the home strip two days early, but now that they’ve been dropped, we can finally go into further detail about the new threads.

When City’s new home and away kits were unveiled early last night, it seemed that many fans were caught off-guard by the white away jersey in particular, so we’ll start off with that one.

In all our time as Melbourne City we’ve had a predominantly red away kit, yet the trend has finally been bucked by this year’s white variant, featuring a distorted, light-grey, zebra-stripe pattern which actually seems to be a hit with fans so far, whilst the white round-neck collar is a pretty neat feature too.

Pairing it with black shorts and socks seems a slightly more polarising move, but the reception this strip has received has been a whole lot more positive than that of the new home jersey.

Puma’s first home shirt of their long-term deal with CFG seems quite similar to Nike’s effort for the 2017/18 strip, with both kits comprising a no-frills sky-blue jersey with the manufacturer’s logo situated directly beneath the circular neck, though the 2019/20 iteration features a white band across the tops of the shoulders.

The overwhelming feeling from online comments is that the strip is simply too similar to previous Nike efforts, and that it lacks any real character or defining features.

It’ll be interesting to see how Puma goes forward with their off-field merchandise ranges and probable third kit, but in the meantime, go ahead and take a look at some of the reaction to the new home and away strips below:

And then there was this guy...

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