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Atkinson or Galloway? PK's right-back dilemma

I wouldn't blame you for being as such, Paddy.


Like many other areas on the pitch, competition for a place at right-back this upcoming season is getting serious.

Obvious candidates Nathaniel Atkinson and Scott Galloway are pressing their claims for why either one should be Melbourne City's first-choice right-back, and you can make cases for both of them.

Nathaniel Atkinson

The man who is arguably this country's most talented right-back coming through the ranks took his game to new highs throughout our most recent season.

We saw countless moments of elite attacking and defensive qualities from Atkinson, but this was best exemplified during his six consecutive 90-minute appearances in that record-breaking winning streak the club had in the early to middle stages of last season.

Recording four clean sheets, two assists and one goal in that time, let us not also forget the fantastic Grand Final performance that saw him claim the Joe Marston Medal.

Just think what else this man could've done if hamstring injuries didn't thwart his brilliant displays.

That said, this did pave the way for Scott Galloway to step up and fill the void, which he did so brilliantly.

Scott Galloway

In Atkinson's absence, Galloway became an integral part just as the club was establishing itself as the team to beat at the most pivotal time of the season.

Like Atkinson, Galloway was just as impressive in attack as he was when defending, contributing two assists and two goals, all the while becoming a key cog that propelled us to our inaugural league title and Championship.

We'll also remember him so fondly for putting the icing on the cake in that Grand Final win by scoring goal number three.


As brilliant as Atkinson was in the Grand Final on the right side of attack, and despite Galloway’s own surprising goalscoring antics, City's more recognised wingers will probably get the nod there, which means that there'll only be room for one of these guys in the starting line-up.

Whether it's the country's most promising right-back or an experienced and reliable player at the level who gets the nod, no City fan should be complaining. We know they'll each bring unquestionable and unique value to the City system.

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