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'Back on the winners list': Three things we learned - City vs WSW

Order has been restored as our City girls came away with a solid win against a hard-to-break-down Western Sydney Wanderers side in Cranbourne.

Melbourne City started on the front foot, with Hannah Wilkinson getting her second goal of the season in only the 14th minute. Kaitlyn Torpey headed the ball back toward goal from a corner, where the Wanderers keeper could only swat the ball ahead of Wilkinson who headed the ball home from extremely close range.

For most of the game, City maintained a firm hold on the ball, limiting the Wanderers to only a few chances, one of which forced Melissa Barbieri into a fantastic one-on-one save, only made possible due to her experienced positioning.

The girls held on well for the rest of the game, certainly deserving the three points in the end as we made our way back on the winners' list.

Here are the three talking points that came from the match:

Emma Checker on the ball against WSW - Source: Getty Images/Kelly Defina

Where is Caitlin Karic?

After her fantastic display off the bench against Adelaide United 10 days ago, you'd think it would be safe to assume that Karic would be playing more. In last week’s Melbourne Derby, Karic was noted to have been rested for the game. This week, nothing was stated on social media in regard to her matchday exclusion, despite being picked in the squad.

Our attacking movements have lost their creativity lately, and something needs to be done. After losing Maria Rojas and Emina Ekic up front, our main route forward seems to be from out wide or through corners as of late.

This is where Karic can offer something different; a more energetic, forward-facing approach. We have seen that she has the confidence to take on players and even go for the most outrageous finishes. Hopefully she has not suffered an unreported injury as she could be a difference-maker in these close games.

Hannah Wilkinson is two from two

After an injury, it inevitably takes some time to get back into the swing of things, especially if you’re such a prolific striker in normality. There was no exception for our New Zealand international, who has now hit the back of the net for the second time in as many weeks.

Hannah Wilkinson leaps for the winning header - Source: Getty Images/Kelly Defina

Wilkinson has also shown her ability in holding up the ball and creating space for her fellow teammates, often dropping deep in order to lay off a pass across to the wing. This has enabled plenty of chances to be created, and once the final ball quality returns across the forward line, we should see these chances turn into goals.

You would expect Wilkinson to continue this form into next week as we face Adelaide United yet again at home. Unable to score against the Reds in that three-nil win 10 days ago, it will be interesting to see if she turns that around to continue her positive form.

Are we doing enough at home?

Our girls have played some fantastic football this year, showcasing some of the best young talent that this league has ever seen in Daniela Galic. She showed her class yet again today in decision-making and general play. That being said, the product is absolutely there to be seen! We have the most experienced keeper, a brilliant international striker, and great quality in between.

However, where are the crowds? We have mainly been playing out of Casey Fields, where we only notched an attendance of 506 people for the Melbourne Derby. That does not sit right with me. Not only is the particular Aussie Rules oval that we play on not great for viewing, but I also have not seen anything special in terms of advertising these games.

Melissa Barbieri signing posters for the fans at Casey Fields - Source: Getty Images/Kelly Defina

I live in Berwick. This is close to Casey Fields for those who are unfamiliar with the area, yet I have not seen any advertising at local businesses, shopping centres, bus stops, billboards or anything of the sort. What are we doing to get people to these games?

The club must do better.


All in all, a great way to get back on the winners list with three points, further mounting pressure on Western United who also gained another win yesterday. Let’s go again next Sunday!

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