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'Back on track': Three things we learned - Canberra vs City

Our City girls have come back from Queanbeyan in New South Wales with three points in a show of intent.

In a four-goal thumping, City controlled the game expertly while allowing for positive football in multiple different avenues. We showed the league exactly why we are title contenders this season and went straight back to the top of the table.

The game started off well, with our girls controlling the majority of possession with meaningful play forward, with this culminating in Rhianna Pollicina netting with a first-time strike in the 28th minute. This closed out a first half that could have seen a different score-line if Canberra had tucked away their limited chances, but one could have safely assumed that Dario Vidosic would have been happy going into the sheds at half-time.

In the second half, City absolutely turned it on. Pollicina got her second goal in the 55th minute through an almost 'dead-ball' shot in open play before Maria Rojas finished a well-worked move in the 69th minute.

Finally, the game was rounded out by a lovely strike from future Matilda Daniela Galic - more on that later.

Here is what we learned from the game:

Rhianna Pollicina celebrates her first goal against Canberra - Source: Getty Images/Mark Nolan

City is here to play

Not only have we seen a number of fantastic results this season, but the way the City girls have achieved those results is second to none. The footballing ability that this team has shown is immense, particularly fulfilling the 'City way', ensuring controlled possession while playing attractive football.

Against Canberra, there were multiple moves that you would have thought Pep Guardiola himself had a hand in. City's slick movement across the playing field was prominent throughout the majority of the game, with many of the team's transitions through midfield resulting in a half-chance in the final third.

It was impressive to see the clear intent our players had with their passes, hardly dawdling on the ball in the forward half of the pitch. It sure is an exciting time to be a City fan this season.

One sole focus of improvement

This is absolutely just me nitpicking but hey, who doesn't want to be perfect?

One factor that Vidosic would not be entirely stoked about is our inability to consistently stop shots on our goal. In a game where we have won by four, it could have been a different story if a few of Canberra's six shots on target had gone in.

Once we lose the ball, there seems to be a lack of responsibility distributed throughout the squad in terms of who is pressing and when. This allows for opposing sides to launch the ball long or to run into space with minimal resistance.

Of course, our girls have shown that attacking is not a problem. Goals will go in. However, it must be said that once our defence tidies up, it will be incredibly difficult for even the best opposing sides to take points from us.

Daniela Galic is the real deal

I have said it before and I will probably say it again, but Daniela Galic has great potential for such a young footballer. Becoming an established member of our squad this early in the season will do her wonders early in her career. This is not only due to the coaching ability that the club boasts, but also the opportunities that the City Football Group can bring in the future.

Daniela Galic leaves Canberra players in her wake - Source: Getty Images/Mark Nolan

Already a Young Matilda, Galic will surely be focusing on rounding out her footballing ability - which is still very raw - to become a more composed and focused footballer. Her height already makes her an imposing figure in the middle of the park which will have the opposition second-guessing the likelihood of getting past her. Once she can use that physicality to her advantage more expertly, it will be impossible to get the ball away from her.

Galic does not stop running when she is on, often getting herself into meaningful positions where she can influence the play. Her technical ability is on point, frequently demonstrating her capacity to receive a loose pass and bring it down expertly. Of course, there is also the matter of Galic's rocket of a shot yesterday, finally resulting in her first professional goal which dipped into the top corner from outside the box.


With only one match to go until the end of the year, we have a great opportunity to finish strong and come back in the New Year with belief.

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