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Berenguer open to extending Australian stay with City

In a recent interview with French football website FootMercato, Florin Berenguer spoke of Australia’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, his adaptation to the Australian game and of his open mind to the possibility of extending his stay with Melbourne City.

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On his future at the club, Berenguer explained that whilst it was too early to say whether he’d committed to a decision, he was certainly happy with life in Australia. Describing the move Down Under as an adventure with his family, the midfielder said that if he could spend a few more years in the country then he would be pleased do so, but that much of the decision-making process would revolve around what he felt was best for his family.

The Frenchman expressed his satisfaction with the efforts of the club and the FFA in the final weeks of the season before it was postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, noting that as much football that could be played was played and that when it became impossible to continue, the season was rightfully put on hold.

He also explained how the players had been given a GPS and stationary bike from the club gym for home training and that the players are still held accountable for maintaining a professional standard by reporting their data to the coaching staff.

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Berenguer also spoke of his connection with compatriot Erick Mombaerts and specifically how their shared language provides an advantageous ‘door’ for him to improve his game.

Also on Mombaerts, Berenguer praised his manager’s influence on the squad compared to past seasons, explaining that the ‘City football style’ envisioned for the club is becoming a reality under the 65-year-old.

He notes that the Australian brand of football places far more emphasis on contact, duels and power than in other parts of the world and thus, the objective of executing the slick, rhythmic, Guardiola-esque style of play is to negate those physical attributes of other teams.

For more of Berenguer’s interview with FootMercato, check out this Reddit post by Twitter user A-League France (@AleagueFR), who has translated the majority of the original French-language interview.

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