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City Together: Club revamps membership scheme for 2020/21

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak stripping fans of their ability to attend five of City’s regular-season matches (CCM and Newcastle pre-lockdown and our three “post-lockdown” games to come), the club has chosen to recognise the ongoing support of fans by launching their City Together membership campaign.

The campaign serves as a ‘thankyou’ from the club for members sticking it out during these tough times, and most notably includes discounted full-season memberships, exclusive member bonuses and new flexible payment options.

Keep an eye on your email inbox over the coming days, as many fans may already be aware, as the club is providing 2019/20 full-season members with unique access codes to enter the membership portal for next season.

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Upon entering the portal, fans will see the discounted price of their usual membership (e.g. Active memberships are between 70-80% of the 2019/20 price) for next season, be able to select their preferred membership bonus (options vary between membership types) and their preferred payment plan.

There’s a new multi-season payment option, where fans can back-end their payment to pay less in 2020/21 and slightly more in 2021/22. A benefit of this option is that it locks in the discounted 2020/21 price for 2021/22 as well, indicating that memberships are likely to return to pre-COVID prices following next season.

The scheme, overall, seems to have been positively-received and we can’t help but feel ourselves that the club appears to be paying attention to the needs of its fans and doing its best to respond to those needs in order to keep its valued members; it’s a reminder of the relationship between a set of fans and their club even in the modern, dollar-driven football landscape.

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