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CityRoos in action: Australia 1-2 Ecuador

It was a mixed night for City fans supporting the national team, with the performances of a quartet of club favourites soured by a disappointing loss to Ecuador.

The debut of Jordan Bos would have almost certainly been the headline for most City fans, with the defensive starlet continuing his rise and rise since graduating from our Academy just under two years ago.

Photo: Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Whilst it was heartwarming to see the 20-year-old take to the pitch in green and gold for the first time in the 54th minute, it felt like a nervous debut that fans witnessed.

Bos seemed shy in his ball progression, forced to dribble and pass backward with almost every possession in his first 10-15 minutes. This could be explained by his incompatibility to play on the same side as Craig Goodwin, who occupies the same high and wide positions he likes to dribble into, rather than an inverted winger.

However, he warmed into the game and eventually demonstrated more of the traits we know him for towards the end of the contest, finally gliding past an opposition player in characteristic fashion in stoppage time.

Defensively, Bos was neither a vulnerability nor a standout, but did well enough considering it was his debut.

On a more positive note, Aiden O'Neill again looked comfortable in his second appearance at international level.

Photo: Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

The midfielder was substituted on alongside Bos, and again brought the same tenacity without the ball and composure with the ball that characterises his form in City blue. O'Neill also addressed a critique from his debut by looking to play forward more often from his deep-lying position.

The 24-year-old doesn't look out of step at all representing Australia, and has presented a strong case as the nation's long-term #6.

City's third substitute of the night, Marco Tilio wasn't quite as threatening as on Friday, entering last night's contest in the 62nd minute.

Photo: Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Tilio's touch wasn't as sharp as many have become accustomed to, and the diminutive forward was easily bodied off the ball throughout the game's final half-hour.

Tilio was overall quiet throughout in what will nonetheless go down as his 7th Socceroos cap.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the starting role of City Academy alumni Connor Metcalfe.

Photo: Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Spending his entire City career in midfield, the 23-year-old started the game on the right wing, where he has featured prominently - and with great success - for club side St. Pauli.

However, the Metcalfe was largely ineffective in his 62-minute cameo. The seven-time Socceroo rarely beat his man or created chances centrally, made just 11 passes overall, and missed what FotMob (perhaps harshly) described as a 'big chance' on his wrong foot when he arrived late to meet a Craig Goodwin cross near the far post.

After a largely successful homecoming series for the Socceroos, City fans have had plenty to celebrate from a club point of view over the past five days.

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