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'How good is football?': Three things we learned - City vs Sydney

We have really just witnessed everything that is great about our league; although big Andrew Redmayne and a late free-kick kept us from embarrassing Sydney FC on the scoresheet, the points all count the same as we get back onto the winners' list.

It was a quick start for City with Jamie Maclaren getting his 17th goal of the season with a lovely header into the back of the net within five minutes.

Following closely was a contender for goal of the season, as Marco Tilio picked the ball up from the edge of our own box, only to run the length of the field and smash it into the top corner from the top of the 'D'.

Sydney found their way back into the game with a runaway goal from Robert Mak, which was soon cancelled out by yet another Maclaren goal after CFG agent Rhyan Grant played a magnificent through-ball for Marco Tilio.

Redmayne made some freakish saves in the closing moments of the match before Diego Caballo gave Tommy Glover no chance with a fantastic free-kick goal, resulting in a 3-2 win in this crazy game.

Find out the three things we learned below:

Jamie Maclaren scores when he wants - Source: Andrew Wiseman (@wisemansports)

Don't count out Marco

Lately, Marco Tilio has been a bit hot and cold in terms of his output on the pitch.

There is no doubting his incredible footballing brain and ability, but sometimes the end product simply does not manifest itself in matches.

Oh, how this was not the case tonight.

Nearly everything the young gun touched turned to gold. That run from box to box was simply outrageous. He had no right to run that far while defenders seemed too scared to attempt a tackle. Imagine having that power so early in your career... insane.

Marco Tilio benefits from the freedom provided in this City setup - Source: Andrew Wiseman (@wisemansports)

The finish was spectacular, but so was the fast thinking and decision-making in our third goal of the match, as Tilio found Maclaren with ease to ensure our striker got his brace.

While consistency is something to be worked on, I will take a cold game every now and then if this is what we are treated to in other matches.

Just give us the title now

How good is football? While we're out here beating Sydney (with style), two of our closest chasers drew last night to ensure our lead is increased to a whopping nine points with a game in-hand.

The football we play has not changed despite the exit of Patrick Kisnorbo, which of course we all expected due to the influence of the 'CFG-style'. However, it has continued to improve and surprise me week-in, week-out. While it does not come off all the time (see Melbourne Derby), tonight showed exactly how well it works when we stick to it.

Honestly, we shouldn't even be content with a 3-2 win, as we could have absolutely obliterated them if little things went differently, and that is certainly exciting.

Another game, another win. We're on for that plate.

The silent assassin strikes again

You surely know who I am talking about: Aiden O'Neill, take a bow.

Now, most of you City faithful would absolutely be aware of the impact that O'Neill has on this squad, but there is a reason why I am calling him the 'silent assassin'. It is all down to the work that he puts in that is hard to reflect on the scoresheet, or even the stats sheet!

It was picked up a few times in commentary, the fact that the established midfielder is able to be everywhere on the pitch. His work rate is second to none. To tear apart opposing defenders, to find the right pass constantly throughout 90 minutes, and to shut down attacks with his usual ease is simply outstanding.

The man simplt had Sydney stumped tonight.

I don't see how he is still in the A-League Men by next season, so let us cherish these moments and appreciate the incredible footballing genius that is Aiden O'Neill.

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