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ICYMI: Engelaar named Goal of the Decade (Breakdown of votes)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

It’s been ten seasons since Ben Kantarovski put the ball into the back of his own net to record Melbourne Heart's first-ever goal.

Since that day in 2010, fans of Heart and City have witnessed some superb goals scored by some superb players. We’ve had bangers and belters, scorchers and stonkers, worldies and wonder-goals, and used every profanity-laden adjective under the sun to describe the sheer brilliance of some of the more incredible ones that we’ve witnessed.

The culmination of these past ten years of brilliant goals was the release of our Top 10 Melbourne City Goals of the Decade video on YouTube (which you should check out below if you haven't already because SPOILERS AHEAD... well there's also one in the headline but you're too late to dodge that bullet).

In the video, we named Orlando Engelaar's freakish bomb from beyond halfway against Central Coast in the 2013/14 season as the best of the lot; a moment that remains entrenched in the minds of City fans regardless of when they started supporting the club.

Tim Cahill's freakish Derby screamer ran a very close second, whilst Bruno Fornaroli's bicycle against Perth in 2015/16 rounded out the top three, and if either of those would have been your top pick and you're now silently cursing us behind the screen of your phone/laptop (I know I would be; Cahill had ZERO right to be shooting from there and thus got the chocolates from me), then read on to find out how the voting process saw Engelaar come out on top.

The Voting Process

All 401 (according to Ultimate A-League) goals that have been scored by Melbourne Heart/City over the years were viewed and a final shortlist of 20 was produced. From here, Talking City contributors were asked to rank their own top 10, with each panelist’s first-choice goal being awarded 10 points, their second-choice awarded nine points, their third awarded eight, and so on.

Voting Breakdown

The voting process culminated in three runaway leaders, fourth trailing slightly and fifth to eighth fairly well-spread. Things got tight down the bottom though, with ninth- and tenth-place being contested by four goals separated by just two points, including a tie for 10th place which was decided by a poll later on.

One of the more interesting insights from the voting is that Aaron Mooy’s ridiculous diagonal ball to Mauk in a 2015/16 Derby received votes from SIX (out of 10!) different panelists - more individual voters than 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th - yet still missed out. It’s a cold world out there, Azza.

Feel free to scour through the full voting breakdown below:

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