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ICYMI: Melbourne City memberships are on their way!

As of November 8th, mailboxes around Melbourne are being greeted by membership packs for the A-League Men's reigning Premiers and Champions! Based on information gained from the club's tracking website, it seems like these packages began being sent out around a week ago, so if you're a City member, you might expect to see your membership arrive within the next week.

Fans might recall that City announced a new membership loyalty system recently; a tiered system related to years of membership. Below is what fans on a silver membership can expect to find in their membership packs.

Straight off the bat, the quality of the membership packs outshines every year in recent memory. It comes in a small box in City blue, with reminders all over the box that we are the current Champions.

Returning this year is a pin, which many cried out for last year. Inscribed in the silver edging is "2021/22 Member", and it will be interesting to see whether members in other tiers have different coloured outer edges.

While not a functional membership card (COVID restrictions means that membership tickets will likely be handled in the same way they were in 2020), it's exciting to receive a physical membership card again, with the excellent choice of Jamo lifting the Toilet Seat aloft greeting City members this year. On the bottom of the box is a list of every piece of silverware the club has won at all levels.

A City lanyard inscribed with both Premiers and Champions is included, now also with a quick latch-detach clip at the neck.

City members now get a tier-specific scarf that is specifically designed to feel cooler on the neck for the summer months.

Instead of having the single large sticker from years gone by, fans are treated to an A4 sheet of smaller stickers, so they can label more than one item.

All in all, this is probably one of, if not the, best membership packs City has released in years.

We're curious to find out if there are any different benefits members get in each tier beyond the colour of the scarf, so if you've received your membership pack let us know what you've found.

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