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'Mind the gap': Three things we learned - Newcastle vs City

In the final match before a first-of-its-kind season break, Melbourne City triumphed 2-1 over a more than valiant Newcastle Jets outfit.

This victory sees our City boys enter the break undefeated on the back of our greatest-ever start to an A-league campaign, banking 16 points from just six games.

For the last time in a little while, here are three things we learned from the encounter:

Glover back to his best

Tom Glover has probably been the club's most controversial member of our squad in the last season or so, but what a start to the season from our #1. Glover has already made a number of point-saving stops this campaign, and yesterday was no different.

Photo: Scott Gardiner / Getty Images

Probably most notably, Glover was able to get down near-instantly to keep out a wicked shot from Jets frontman Beka Mikeltadze that seemed destined for the bottom corner early in the second half. In a game as evenly contested as yesterday's, a goal that early on in the half likely changes the entire complexion of the fixture, and the save from Tom arguably has as much impact on the result as a goal does.

Aside from his cat-like reflexes, Glover commanded his box with real authority, coming out to stop a number of potential breaks before they had any opportunity to eventuate into something more threatening. Really, he just looked unfazed even as the game progressed and the pressure mounted.

Considering Glover (in the minds of the fans at least) felt like he was on the brink of losing his spot in the XI last season due to a number of costly errors in similar types of games as yesterday, it's been truly wonderful to see his return to form.

His ability was never really in question, it was more a matter of if he could stamp out his apparent fades that bitterly outweighed his contributions, so far this season he has done that, and the woes of last season are ever becoming a distant memory.

Long may it continue upon the season's return.

Does PK doubt his back up CB’s?

Who remembers Kerrin Stokes and Jordon Hall?

In a start to the season that has seen Thomas Lam and Nuno Reis cycle in and out of the side through various suspensions and injuries, Hall and Stokes may have felt they were in with a chance at making the squad. Yet it's not happening, why?

In every fixture so far where a centre-back has been unavailable, PK has opted with traditional left-back Scott Jamieson instead.

Whilst we can probably get away with this in the short term, yesterday fate was tempted just a bit too far and the inevitable happened, as a lack of communication saw Jamieson steer a fairly mundane cross into the back of his own net.

Whilst we can argue his case, the goal felt rather avoidable, especially if a more traditional centre-back had been in his place, likely possessing the know-how to let the in-form Glover come out and claim the ball.

The reason why Hall and Stokes aren’t being given the opportunities is up for debate, but the continuous decision to select a left-back over the alternatives raises some eyebrows.

Does PK doubt them, or is it something else?

Whatever the answer may be, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on moving forward.

Mind the gap

As previously mentioned, City enter the World Cup break three points clear on top of the table, being the last remaining undefeated side in the competition.

PK’s men have put in a remarkable start to the campaign with five wins and one draw, resulting in the greatest start to a season in club history.

The club has been transparent in their goal for this season to achieve an unprecedented third-consecutive Premiers Plate, and their start could not have been any better.

The league has well and truly been put on notice.

Photo: Scott Gardiner / Getty Images

Whilst City sees two key members in Leckie and Maclaren join the national team, rest assured the rest of the squad remains hard at work over the next three weeks to ensure the fast start is not in vain when the season returns.

There is still a lot of work to do, but we couldn’t have asked for a better start.

For now, all that's left to do is enjoy, and to remind everyone else to mind the gap.

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