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'More and more momentum': Three things we learned - City vs Wellington

Melbourne City has recorded their third successive win in the A-League Women's competition for the season, accounting for Wellington Phoenix to the tune of four goals to nil.

Kaitlyn Torpey, Hannah Wilkinson, Winonah Heatley and Emma Checker were all on target to make sure City got their equal-biggest winning margin this campaign to date.

Here's what we learned from this game:

Source: Andrew Wiseman // @wisemansports

Kaitlyn has a Torpeydo in that right foot

Kaitlyn Torpey's ability to bomb down the right flank as an overlapping full-back has been ever-present with how quick she is, and she can now put a powerful strike on her list of attributes.

It doesn't matter if we've only seen it in one game so far, this goal was no fluke; the technique of the contact and her body positioning during the shot demonstrated that it's something she's been working on.

Now it remains to be seen how much more likely she is to use it in matches from here on, but it's something handy to have in the back pocket.

We're not overly reliant on certain starting players

Players such as Rebekkah Stott, Rhianna Pollicina and Hannah Wilkinson have been key individuals who we've seemingly relied on a lot so far this season, but today was a different story.

Whilst these three had good games yesterday, none were required to put in the serioiusly eye-catching shifts that we've become accustomed to as this season has gone on.

The defensive performances of Tori Tumeth, Kaitlyn Torpey and the energetic attacking efforts of Holly McNamara caught the eye more today, and it is such a great sign for any team when you're not solely reliant on 2-3 players every week.

Source: Andrew Wiseman // @wisemansports

This team is only growing in confidence

We may only be five games into the season, but there are now multiple factors that suggest this is a markedly improved City aside. We've got more avenues, in the way of contributing personnel, to obtain a win, have recorded three wins in a row in the league for the first time in almost two years and, at last, secured another clean sheet; these all add to the contention that we're a genuine threat this season.

Sure this could well have all been expected against the worst team in the league, but the City girls passed the "expectation" test: they can handle the pressure, and Sydney should be looking nervously over their shoulder.

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