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Ranking City's 5 worst kits

Having recently dared to rank our five favourite kits ever produced by Melbourne Heart/City, the next logical step would be to come up with the five worst we’ve seen so far…

The issue is, it’s really quite a difficult task.

When so many strips are just “alright” without being awful, how do you determine which deserve to be named and shamed? 5 sure feels like a pretty large number right about now.

See how we’ve gone about ranking them below…

5. 2018-19 Home

This strip’s been pretty hard done by to feature here, but a top 4 worst kits just won’t fly.

In Nike’s final year as kit manufacturer, it was slightly underwhelming to see a shirt that was so similar to the season prior – one which wasn’t exactly setting the world alight to begin with. Much like our style of play, the kit was just a bit boring, really.

4. 2013-14 Home

This particular jersey was always going to be compared against its Heart-era counterparts, and it really doesn’t fall short by all that much. Whilst Kappa went for a distinctively ‘more red than white’ design and a noticeably tighter fit, what we’ve really gotta talk about is whatever’s going on with that neckline, but more on that later…

3. 2016-17 Home

Put simply, this shirt looks like it could have been sold for $30 on the club website with ‘FFA Cup Winners 2016’ slapped across the front. An alternate take is that this would be the away strip for literally any other team in the world who predominantly wear sky blue.

As a home kit? Pretty underwhelming.

2. 2012-13 Third

Whether you like a v-neck, a button-up or a round-neck, there really is just something special about a great collar on a football jersey…

And a great collar this is not.

The winning entry for the 2012-13 fan-designed third kit involved some grey, some darker grey, and a god-awful rash vest-style neckline which makes us uncomfortably hot just looking at it.

Seems pretty unfair to have this top the list though, given that it was a one-off and fan-designed…

1. 2016-17 Away

To the credit of past manufacturers, constructing a top 5 of worst kits was a nightmare because we’ve never really had a distinctively BAD kit…

Until this one.

The first and ONLY time in Heart/City history that the club has moved away from the ‘traditional’ red and white stripes motif, this happened. Whilst the initiative to come up with something completely different can be somewhat commended, Nike missed the mark entirely with this garish double-gradient effort.

The stripes came straight back the next season…

What do you think was our worst kit? Let us know in the comments.

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