Ranking City's 5 worst kits

Having recently dared to rank our five favourite kits ever produced by Melbourne Heart/City, the next logical step would be to come up with the five worst we’ve seen so far…

The issue is, it’s really quite a difficult task.

When so many strips are just “alright” without being awful, how do you determine which deserve to be named and shamed? 5 sure feels like a pretty large number right about now.

See how we’ve gone about ranking them below…

5. 2018-19 Home

This strip’s been pretty hard done by to feature here, but a top 4 worst kits just won’t fly.

In Nike’s final year as kit manufacturer, it was slightly underwhelming to see a shirt that was so similar to the season prior – one which wasn’t exactly setting the world alight to begin with. Much like our style of play, the kit was just a bit boring, really.

4. 2013-14 Home

This particular jersey was always going to be compared against its Heart-era counterparts, and it really doesn’t fall short by all that much. Whilst Kappa went for a distinctively ‘more red than white’ design and a noticeably tighter fit, what we’ve really gotta talk about is whatever’s going on with that neckline, but more on that later…