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Remember these Melbourne City child stars? You'll NEVER believe what they look like now!

#1. Stefan Mauk

After discovering he wasn’t overly exceptional at football following his great European adventure, an inspired Mauk went on to try his hand at some of life’s other fine arts, like allegedly breaching intellectual copyright laws and trashing former teammates during mid-match interviews.

#2. Stefan Colakovski

They grow up so fast, don’t they?

#3. Nathaniel Atkinson

As loyal as they come, this one-club man is a Tassie native through and through - not that that fact ever gets brought up. Atkinson has grown up in front of City fans' eyes and has changed markedly since his debut in 2017, so much so that he reportedly only responds to Joe now. There's only so much success one can have before things like this start to happen, you know.

#4. Daniel Arzani

Like many youngsters, Arzani was eager to fly the nest early but after detouring from Manchester through progressively underwhelming European leagues, it was clear he wasn't yet ready.

Like young Melburnians chasing homeownership, he now finds himself in a less than ideal location hoping it comes through, more than likely wondering what life would be like back home.

#5. Eli Babalj

An iconic youngster of the Heart days, Babalj was the million-dollar man that City never actually managed to sell for a million dollars… even after two cracks at doing so.

To summarise how his career has gone since then, he's currently trialing at Newcastle Jets... sheesh.

#6. Dylan Pierias

Touted as one of the most exciting prospects in world football in 2017, Pierias’ storied career has taken him all the way to… Western United – wherever they’re based nowadays.

#7. Connor Metcalfe

Not every child star goes on to have a successful career, but we’ve got to hand it to the recently capped Socceroo, he’s far more Leonardo DiCaprio than McCaulay Culkin. Onya Connor.

#8. Yoshi

The A-League’s ultimate child star himself. For that one golden period in 2016, we strangely cared which team Yoshi would actually pick. Of course, like so many who found fame at a tentative age before him, he practically disappeared once the spotlight had moved on.

Maybe Timmy blocked him on Twitter...

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