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Talking City presents... Beyond Football

“I didn’t have an identity when I started playing, but I found mine through football.”

Over the past decade, we as fans have fallen in love with the players of Melbourne Heart and City for the passion, dedication, theatrics and, well, heart that they gave on the pitch every time they turned out in our colours.

The players are our emotional contact point with the club, but despite our continued support of their efforts on the pitch every week, it can be easy to forget that for them, there’s more to life than football.

In a brand-new podcast series from Talking City, we’ll be talking to players from our men’s and women’s sides about football’s impact off the pitch, the unique challenges faced by each throughout their career and their lives away from the game, including hints of what they hope their future holds for them.

The conversations are candid, casual and, at times, leave players searching for an answer that reflects what they really want to say.

From players with countless international caps to those who’re just finding their feet in the daunting world of professional football, we’ve given them the clear air to share their experiences.

Eight weeks. Eight people. Eight stories of identity, passions and life Beyond Football.

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