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Talking City's 2022/23 Melbourne City season predictions

Following some mixed results from our 2021/22 season predictions (in which the breakout seasons of Marco Tilio and Jordan Bos were accurately foreseen, but most of our bold predictions were embarrassingly far off the mark), the Talking City crew has again fronted up to deliver predictions for the upcoming 2022/23 campaign.

For those familiar with the format, we'll be going with the same prediction categories as last year:

  • Player of the Season (POTS): We really don’t need to explain this one, do we?

  • One to Watch (OTW): The player who’s really going to take their game to the next level this year.

  • Young Player of the Season (YPOTS): Includes only players aged 23 and under. There also seemed to be an unwritten rule/understanding that a YPOTS shouldn't be a frequent starter, e.g. Marco Tilio.

  • One bold prediction for the season

In everyone's own words, here are the Talking City crew's predictions for the season ahead:

Photo: @wisemansports

Matty B

POTS – Aiden O'Neill. Will probably be eased into the team initially after his injuries last season, but I expect him to slot back in before long and again prove himself to be one of our key contributors. Was greatly missed in the finals in my opinion.

OTW – The squad is experiencing a fair bit of stability so in terms of bolters I feel like options are a little thinner. Oresti looks promising but will find opportunities difficult in the front third and Gomulka has a strong midfield group to contend with. I'm going to go with Talbot as he's one of four FBs at the club and will get plenty of time to compete with Galloway, Jamo and Bos.

YPOTS – Jordy Bos again. Will end up displacing Jamieson and will become a key contributor in the side.

Bold prediction – City win a third straight Premiership but fall in the Grand Final again.


POTS – Berisha

OTW – I think Callum Talbot will be terrific and will start all season.


Bold prediction – Tom Glover will win the Golden Glove.


POTS – Marco Tilio's breakout season, will shine at the World Cup too, and be a City and Socceroos lock by season's end.

OTW – Berisha. His resume and good looks make it look like he's got what it takes to be a star in this league.

YPOTS – Jordy Bos is the real deal. He should dislodge Jamo by season's end and will follow the Atkinson progression arc. Expect a cheeky Roos call-up in the first squad post-World Cup when Behich and others retire.

Bold prediction – Probably not bold, but we will win the plate at a canter and lose in finals. It's the CFG way.


POTS – Valon Berisha.

OTW – Marco Tilio - see bold prediction.

YPOTS – Callum Talbot.

Bold prediction – Tilio to provide most assists in the league and secure that long-awaited European move at season's end.

Could Tilio be the league's premier creative force? | Photo: Andrew Wiseman (@wisemansports)


POTS – Maclaren to silence the haters with 25 glorious tap-ins

OTW – Not the easiest category with this squad, but O'Neill to take the next step and be in the A-League Team of the Year at season's end.


Bold prediction – Perth to go through the season with fewer than 10 points

Matt M

POTS – Mat Leckie

OTW – Aiden O'Neill

YPOTS – Jordy Bos

Bold prediction – City vs CCM Grand Final


POTS – Valon Berisha

OTW – Thomas Lam will be instrumental for our structure this season.

YPOTS – Jordan Bos.

Bold prediction – PK final season as coach. Either we will be found out with no Plan B again or he will secure a move overseas after winning the GF. Both options entirely plausible.


POTS – Leckie - Think he'll finish where he left off at the end of last season and go up a level with a World Cup in front of him.

OTW – Talbot will cement a starting position this season which will see Galloway move on next season.

YPOTS – Talbot (he has to be if he does the above).

Bold prediction – We’ll have a slow start to the season but finish with a wet sail and pinch the Premiers Plate on the last day.


POTS – Florin. I don't see any reason why he can't maintain his now elite status that he's got. He along with others will be crucial when catering for the now-departed Connor Metcalfe, especially with that two-way running.

OTW – Taras Gomulka. He really stepped up well in the closing stages of last season, and he could be crucial in that defensive-midfield role along with O'Neill.

YPOTS – Jordan Bos. He's had the exposure in the 'Jamieson role'. Yes, there are rightful question marks on his defending but I reckon he will have learned a lot in that space from last season, and we all know how brilliant he can be going forward. Could be a huge asset this season.

Bold prediction – We're not going to make it a Plate three-peat. WU know the right way to expose us and don't seem to have lost any of their key players from last season. Sydney have recruited well enough to finish ahead of us too, which isn't to say we haven't done the same, their front three just looks too scary.

Back-to-back POTS awards for our Frenchman? | Photo: Andrew Wiseman (@wisemansports)


POTS – Berisha

OTW – Luke Oresti (maybe not a breakthrough year per se, but will play in five or so games and take the first step from just being a youth product).

YPOTS – Jordy Bos

Bold prediction – This will be PK’s final season as coach — either he’ll do well and get a move to Europe or we’ll grossly underperform and he’ll move on.


POTS – Berisha - man looks a cut above. Absolutely classy.

OTW – Bos - I can see him push Jamo out if he improves this season. If he improves his output, can be instrumental in servicing JMac.

YPOTS – Bos - reasons above.

Bold prediction – Richard VDV will be another benchwarmer. Pucci 2.0.


POTS – JMac (because we said he was out of form and he's going to want to prove us wrong)

OTW – Talbot


Bold prediction – Jamie to score two goals at the World Cup. Tom Glover to have 10 clean sheets for the season.


Player of the season Valon Berisha; 5 votes (Jamie Maclaren, Mathew Leckie; 2 votes)

One to watch Callum Talbot; 4 votes (Aiden O'Neill; 2 votes)

Young player of the season Jordan Bos; 10 votes (Callum Talbot; 2 votes)

Let us know your answers to each of the prediction categories by replying to this article on our socials.

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