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Talking points preview: City vs Macarthur

Melbourne City will play host to the Macarthur Bulls on Saturday evening as we return to AAMI park for the second week running.

The competition has now officially ticked past its half-way mark, which entices more pressure on games as each point becomes more valuable and we slowly but surely creep closer to the business end of the season. Will Saturday see the boys in blue return to smooth sailing, or is there another sticky week ahead of us yet?

Here are three things to look out for ahead of Saturday's match:

Photo: Andrew Wiseman (@wisemansports)

History suggests a City win:

Whilst the Bulls are still a young football club, it's worth mentioning that they have never managed to beat City in the previous five meetings between the two sides. City has won four of these encounters, only having to share the spoils with Macarthur on one occasion which dates all the way back to 2021.

We know you’re only ever as good as your last game, but what is football without a few mental edges and superstitions?

If all is right with the universe, Saturday should be an enjoyable evening for the City faithful.

Chance to get back on track

The last three weeks have understandably left many feeling frustrated; three weeks without a win isn’t something we’re really used to. However, I do think sometimes it's beneficial to step back and look at the full picture, and to me, that suggests there really isn’t much to worry about.

In the last three matches, City has put forth a whopping 72 shots at goal. We come off the back of conceding three goals against the Reds which never looks great, but the concessions of those goals were all totally avoidable and out-of-character mishaps of our own doing: a couple of gifts playing out from the back and a breakdown in communication from a set piece. It’s annoying, but it happens. In another world, a bit of luck would see us scoring a lot more from those 72 shots, but lady luck serves all and unfortunately the last month she hasn’t been on our side.

However, good sides aren’t built on luck, and we’ve managed to take something from each of the last three matches when things haven’t always gone our way. So really, I don’t think it's all that bad.

As for our opposition, Macarthur enters the weekend still nursing the loss of Dwight Yorke, and will be low on confidence with only one win from their previous five.

It presents an opportunity for City to shake the monkey of recent times off our back and get the second half of the season off on the right note.

Whilst it’s been frustrating, it’s important to remember that three weeks don’t make a season. However, with that said it’s time to put the ghosts of the last month to bed. Fortunately, results elsewhere have meant that the inability to claim maximum points as of late has gone relatively unpunished as we still hold a five-point lead at the top. Whilst handy, this is not a habit we should be getting used to.

A strong showing against the Bulls is sure to lift the mood around the club and get things back on track as we look to further extend our gap at the top of the table.

Enjoy Bos while we can

Jordan Bos has become arguably the most exciting player in the City squad this season.

The growth he has made has been second to none and he has rightfully earned his starting spot in every league match so far this season, often relegating our club captain to the bench in the process. That’s no mean feat.

It appears that all the eyes on Bos have not been exclusive to Australia, as a few reports have circulated over the week that scouts from two Bundesliga outfits (Wolfsburg & Borussia Monchengladbach) were in attendance for the game against Adelaide.

Initially, we’d all think how unfortunate considering the goal-costing blunder Jordy made, but anyone who would be watching him regularly will understand that was just a tiny mishap in what has been a terrific season so far. Bos also didn’t take long to remind everyone in the stands what he is all about as his dancing feet earned the spot kick that drew us level in the game's dying embers.

City is renowned for its growth of young players, and if things continue as they are it appears all but inevitable that Bos will join the ever-growing list of young Australian talent that the club has supported in helping take that next step in their career. Whilst there is no guarantee if and when he will go, or who may be looking at him, there usually isn’t smoke without fire.

What we do know is the all-round football being played by Bos is truly wonderful, and that we should enjoy watching him for as long as we can.


Whether it's trusting in fate, hoping for a mid-season rejuvenation or watching one of Australia’s most promising young talents, there are plenty of reasons to get down to AAMI park on Saturday afternoon.

The nature of recent weeks is sure to leave the boys starving for the taste of victory again, and the way we clawed back last week may just suggest the dam wall is about to burst.

Score prediction: City 4-0 Macarthur

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