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'The Melissa Barbieri Show': Three things we learned - Brisbane vs City

The City girls are back on the winners list after a dramatic 2-1 victory over Brisbane at Moreton Daily Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Despite a relatively poor start, City came from 1-0 down to get the win deep in stoppage time.

Here are three things we learned from this one:

Source: Albert Perez / Getty Images

Melissa Barbieri is an absolute beast

Yeah look, I know.

I know that this was “something we learned” after the game last week, but can you really blame us for using it two weeks in a row? Once again Barbieri showed us all that despite now being in her 40s she still has all of the ability that made her an 86-time Matilda.

A well-deserved player of the match, 'Bubs' was a brick wall at the back for City, denying Brisbane’s forwards time and time again. Her save to stop Hollie Palmer’s long-distance strike and then the follow-up from Larissa Crummer at the death was absolutely world-class, and the way that she put her body on the line diving at the feet of Shea Connors and copping a shin to the back of the head was incredibly brave.

Barbieri’s return to her absolute best this season has been wonderful to watch, and long may it continue!

Rhianna Pollicina, too, is an absolute beast

Again, this is one we kind of already knew, but wowee is Pollicina one incredible player.

Against the Roar, she scored her third goal of the season with a gorgeous free-kick into the top corner, before following it up with her second assist of the season with another perfect free-kick - this time connecting with the head of Hannah Wilkinson for the winner.

Alongside Wilkinson and Holly McNamara, Pollicina has brought some brilliant flare and excitement to our attack this season, and it was terrific to see her at her best again against the Roar.

The former Junior Matilda is showing form to begin this season that frankly deserves to see her in contention for a national team call-up soon.

The City winning mentality is still there

You can’t keep a good thing down, and Melbourne City’s women’s side is no exception.

After a painful 3-0 loss to Sydney last week, many teams would have dropped their heads and struggled to have the confidence to get a result this week.

After falling 1-0 behind early in the second half, many teams would have dropped their heads and not fought back for the win. City did. To have the hunger and drive to come back and win that game highlights City’s championship mentality.

Whilst this season hasn’t been perfect so far, the signs are very encouraging for City to keep building and make a charge for silverware later in the season.

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