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‘There is still hope’: Three things we learned – City vs Newcastle

Okay… breathe.

Newcastle can come away with their heads held high after that match, as they were no easy beat for our City girls. In a difficult win that saw chances consistently come all over the pitch, we came away the better team in our bid for the Premiership.

Our girls understood the assignment and ensured we stay within reach of pole position.

Here are the three things we learned from this crucial result:

Wilkinson cannot be stopped

Where there is a Wilko, there is a way, with Hannah Wilkinson finding the back of the net for the 11th time in 11 matches for City this season. Quite incredibly, this equals Larissa Crummer’s club record of most goals in a single season.

Hannah Wilkinson: Determination - Source: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

With only one more match until Finals kicks off, Wilkinson is one strike away from becoming the outright holder of said record! This season can only be described as prolific, with Hannah’s return of goals proving why she was brought in. This only begs the question, when is the contract extension coming?

Our Kiwi striker was no doubt brought in on a short-term deal to see if she had the ability to make a difference in this league. For me, she has earned the right to stay another season or two.

Pollicina the producer

Rhianna Pollicina has been nothing if not a special talent all season, showing off why she is such an accomplished futsal player. With lovely touches, pinpoint passing and fantastic ability in general play, Pollicina will certainly be credited with that assist, flicking the ball up before lobbing it toward Wilkinson for a simple finish.

While an assist is always welcome for her statistical analysis, Pollicina should be incredibly proud about the way she goes about her football, with the team always first in mind. Buying into Rado’s philosophy, she will go a long way at City.

Rhianna Pollicina on the ball - Source: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

In the preview, we asked questions… who was going to step up and support our New Zealand striker? Pollicina has answered, and she is certainly up to the test.

Wait for the final bell

The season isn’t over yet! With our hard-fought win tonight (2-0… how’s that prediction in the preview by the way?!), we move within touching distance of the league title. However, while there is hope, we cannot get ahead of ourselves as Adelaide will be hard-pressed to defeat Sydney, and we still need to beat the Wanderers.

Quite the predicament we find ourselves in, one which was doubtful at the start of the season, after finishing in a lowly seventh last year. With grit, determination, and impactful recruiting, we have turned ourselves into the powerhouse of yesteryear once more!

No matter the outcome this weekend, we are proud of our girls.

Let’s bring this home.

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