Three things we learned: Rounds 1-7

We’re not even a third of the way through the season yet, but the upcoming Round 8 Bye is as good a time as any to take a look back and reflect on the largely successful period we’ve witnessed over the past seven weeks.

Here are three things Melbourne City fans have learned from Rounds 1-7:

We’re playing genuinely good football

The club’s mundane ‘Joyceball’ era is over. The only proof you need is to watch a game this season under Erick Mombaerts.

The Frenchman has completely transformed our build-up play, incorporating the widely-applauded inverted fullbacks tactic and encouraging players to drive aggressively up the pitch in order to create chaos and force opportunities rather than waiting for them.

Unlike last year, fans can now comprehend the intent of City’s attacking moves. We can understand why a particularly good transition moment is so effective and we can understand, in most cases, the instances where our defensive structure breaks down, allowing players to get in behind for promising opportunities.

It all makes for a far more entertaining brand of football to watch regardless of whether you’re a foundation member with boundless knowledge of the team or a first-time attendee who’s come along with a friend.

And there’s one man benefiting from this exciting new game plan more than anyone else…

‘Jamie Maclaren, he scores when he wants’: a Talking City statistical deep-dive

This number nine of ours is quite alright.

15 shots. 12 on target. 9 goals.