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Unite for the Red and White: A call-out to Heart fans of old

The A-League Men's season is finally upon us again and now more than ever is the time to unite in support of our club.

The last few seasons have brought an abundance of good times and success in some of the most challenging times for Victorians. Our club and community have become something so vital for so many. We have seen trophies raised, massive results, and fantastic displays by the fans. This has had so many people coming back to the club that we thought were lost forever when the club was purchased.

When the CFG takeover was announced there was a level of trepidation about what this would mean for our little Melbourne Heart community and what it would mean for the club that we loved so dearly. Whilst some were able to stomach the changes, there was a number that couldn’t, and this included the active area, Yarraside.

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Fundamentally the club had changed and there was a feeling that what had been painstakingly built could be lost in a heartbeat. For a period there were teething issues with mistakes made and ill-thought-out changes being made which hurt the fans.

We have seen many of these mistakes be fixed and the community of our club starting to grow, but have found it difficult to bring all of the originals back to AAMI Park.

The Finals of Season 2020/21 provided a carrot too large for many to ignore, as it was finally a chance to see their Melbourne side get a shot at silverware on home soil. This brought back many for a short period of time, but they couldn't be swayed into becoming the active members/supporters of old. Whilst saddening that we couldn't see them come each week, it was heartening to see the first steps of reconciliation being made.

Now is the time to bring everyone back.

I implore everyone who has supported City or the Heart to get down to AAMI Park this season and feel the community spirit that flows through this club. Whilst there are differences from the Heart days, the important aspects remain: a loyal and dedicated fanbase, a club that cares about its fans and its community, and importantly, short lines for food and drink!

Together was a throwaway membership tagline back in the day. but now it's a calling. Bring your mates, bring A-League newcomers, and let's keep building on the fantastic foundations of our club.

See you all at AAMI Park!

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